Hey I'm Mike 23 from CT just here to browse around have some FUN and meet new people. Probably won't post alot but will be on from time to time to see whats new with my followers and people i follow. Feel free to stop by and ask me nething..

1st May 2012

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30th April 2012

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Could use a nice blowjob right now!!

Could use a nice blowjob right now!!

27th April 2012

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26th April 2012

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Tumblr Texting Buddy Application.

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Where you are from:
  • Timezone:
  • When I cant text you:
  • How fast you respond: fast
  • Anything else important: (do you text during school?/do you have unlimited texts?)
  • If accepted ill ask you for your number

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26th April 2012



Hey whats up everyone.  Kinda new hear feel free to follow me and maybe lend me a hand from time to time getting to know the site and what to do to make my blog better.. thanks.

26th April 2012

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I’d say there having a blast…

26th April 2012



Anyone have any big plans for the weekend??

26th April 2012

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Reblog if you would fuck me. ;)

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